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Are you ready to Expand Your Range by offering immersive firearms safety, basic/advanced weapons training, self-defense and concealed carry courses that are proven in the worlds of military and law enforcement?

How about making your location a destination for special events, competitive shooting leagues, firearms and hunter's education courses?

Ti Outdoors helps our retail partners expand their range AND their revenues with our interactive recreational, competitive and training games that appeal to both new and experienced shooters.

For over a decade our state of the art Simulation Systems have been used for training
by Law Enforcement Agencies around the world. Now a commercial version of this technology is available to private gun ranges and trainers.

By adding a Ti Outdoor Gunfighter™ Simulation and
Training System to your range, training class, club
or organization your customers can engage in virtual
hunting experiences, shootouts with Wild West bandits
and save the world from flesh-eating zombies! Our systems
immerse the user into virtual environments, where lasers
score their shots and the weapons simulate actual recoil.
With a current library of over 100 games and action
scenarios, we are constantly creating new material.

Check out our systems and do not hesitate to contact us when you are ready to...                                           ...EXPAND YOUR RANGE!

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