Game Titles

Ti is constantly creating new titles for its Outdoors Systems. Below you can view our current games and titles. Simply click on any of the images below to view a PDF description of each title.

Accuracy Target Six Pack

AR NRA Challenge

ATI - Steel

Balloon Crush

Balloon Safari

Barricade Event



Bottle Shoot Timed

Bottle Shoot

Bride & Groom Zombie Targets

Carnival Shoot

Chaos City 1

Chaos City 2

CMC Triggers

Course of Fire

Dueling Tree

Falling Plate Event

Five Steel Hostage Targets

Galefi-Q Targets

Gun Vault

Live Targets

Moving Paper Target

Moving Target Event

North American Six Pack


Pepper Poppers Pop Up

Practical Event

Red Reception

SASS Practice Target

Shooting Tree Light Up

Silhoutte Target Six Pack

Steel Reactive Target

Steel Target - Six Pack

Target Drill

Texas Star

Timed Targets Shoothouse

Timed Targets Shoothouse 2

Ti Range


Varmint Shoot

Wild West - Gambling Cards

Wild West - Golden City

Wild West - Pecos NM

Wild West Poppers

Wild West SASS Poppers

Wild West -Scorpion Gulch

Zombie Local Bar

Zombie Plate Rack

Zombie Shoot

Zombie Talent Agency


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