Marketing Tips

There are many ways to market your Ti Outdoors™ simulator, and we’ve compiled some best practices for you to consider as you build your marketing plan. Your overall strategy should encompass a handful of marketing tactics you’ll implement over the course of a period of time. In order to hone your marketing plan, it often takes many tries to see what works best for your audience.

Simple steps for developing your marketing plan:

- DEFINE Your Programs

What types of programs will you be hosting on your Ti Outdoors™ simulator? Gun safety programs? Training programs? Parties? Corporate Events? See the section under “Event Based Marketing” in the Marketing Toolkit for a few ideas. Then, determine what the program includes and how much you will charge.

- DEFINE your target audience(s)

Your target audience will likely be different for each type of program you put on. Will your training programs be a mix of men and women or will you have women-only programs? Will you hold bachelorette or birthday parties – or both – and what age groups will you need to reach out to?

- DETERMINE the best mechanisms (marketing tactics) to reach those audiences

If you’re offering a discount on hourly play time, reach out to people on your Facebook Page or via an email list you’ve been building. If you’re interested in doing corporate events, consider direct mail to companies in your area. Want to do concealed carry training? Why not try a Groupon program?

- BUILD out your plan and your budget

Select 2 or 3 things that you’d like to focus on and develop tactics and a budget for executing those. We recommend running and testing your marketing programs for at least 6 months so you can determine if they’ve gained traction.


-   Create a Ti Outdoors Simulator page on your website that shows all of the programs you have
    available on the simulator. Make sure to let people know how they can secure time
    in your sim room.

-   Drive all of your communications on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, email, etc. back to your website,
    and specifically to your simulator page. Not all marketing has to be expensive. You can attract people
    to your range on a shoe string budget using technology. Facebook, Twitter, email, and your website
    are great places to start.

-   Utilize Ti Outdoors stock of photos and videos in your marketing.

-   Visit other successful ranges’ websites to see what they’re doing to drive business.


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